About Me and The Work

 Although being reasonably new to the world of digital photography and its many different genres, my passion is the wall art that I find in my travels. It’s the wall art I have found throughout the cities I have traveled, define the city for me. I enjoy all the sights and sounds but it’s truly the wall art that brings the city to life for me.  The colours, the shapes and each of the messages tell the story. When I photograph wall art I try to put myself into the mindset of the artist, what were they trying to convey and what are they trying to say to those able to experience their work.


In my opinion, the art of photography is not only to capture the images you see through the lens, but also to show the images as you believe it was meant to be seen.  The wall art images I see are sometimes faded, almost lackluster in colour, as seen through the lens, but I visualize them as more, and try to bring them back to what I believe they originally looked like, full of colour and vibrantly telling their story.


Unfortunately, so many of the images I have captured, especially from East Austin, have disappeared, never to be seen again.  I feel that by capturing these pieces of art it is a way to keep the culture and essence of the neighborhood, where they were created alive.  Being able to capture and share these heritage pieces is a true privilege for me, especially considering the rapid spread of gentrification.


I hope you enjoy all the images on my web site and would welcome your feedback.  This site is my way of sharing my travels and passions.